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Gandhi's philosophy expostulated in his own words on various topics viz. Truth, Nonviolence, vegetarianism.

Mind of Mahatma Gandhi Selections From Gandhi  All Men Are Brothers

Selected Writings of Mahatma Gandhi Gandhian Philosophy in Short Gandhi's Quotations






Gandhi's Life in 5000 words Pictorial Biography of Mahatma Gandhi  Genealogy of Mahatma Gandhi (Family Tree)




Gandhi Quotations


Epigrams from Gandhi  Mohan-Mala (A Gandhian Rosary) Gandhi's Famous Quote




FAQs / Myths


Father of the Nation  Responsible for Pakistan  55 Crores to Pakistan  Belligerence of Muslims 

Sufficient for everybody's need, not for greed  Nobel Peace Prize  Quotation of Customer 

Seven Social Sins  Gandhi's 11 Vows  Scrawny Man?  Was Gandhi a saint?  His tradition carried on ? 

Was Indira Gandhi related to Gandhi? Non-violence according to Gandhi  Inventor of Non-violence

Is non-violence hard to practice?  What is Satyagraha?  Is non-violent action easiest way? 

Non-violence works? Myth about Gandhi's non-violent action  Solving unemployment

Advocating vegetarianism? What do Gandhi think about Christianity?  Why Gandhiji was against violence?

Gandhiji, you have said that men who do not work, eat stolen food. What does it mean? 

Gandhi's letter to the viceroy regarding the sentence of death to Bhagat Singh 




Students' Projects


Gandhi Stories

Abridged Gandhi - Ganga Gandhi Katha The Story of My Life The Story of Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi (Life story in brief) The Story of Gandhi 

Inspiring Stories from Gandhi's Life    Short stories for everyone   A Pinch of Salt Rocks An Empire  

Our Bapu  Our Gandhi  Our Bapu  Gandhian Anecdotes  To Students

Poems on Gandhi

Students' Projects

Project by K. Browne Project by Neha Mehta

Project by Bhupinder Sawhney Submit Project

Pictorial Biography of Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi - Life & Works

Articles  Gandhi & Education

Peaceful Conflict Resolution in school environment

Essays  Gandhi Photos




Peace, Nonviolence and Conflict  Resolution


Gandhi's View on Nonviolence Martin Luther King's views on Nonviolence 

Gandhi's Struggle for Nonviolence Articles  Global Nonviolence Network  Books Online 

Books Recommended  Related Links  Conflict Resolution 

Great Personalities to follow the Path of Nonviolence  PLEDGE for Communal Harmony




Gandhi Centers and Institutions


Gandhi Centers in India  Gandhi Centers in Foreign Countries




Gandhi Museums, Ashrams and Libraries



National Gandhi Museum &1 Library, New Delhi  Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya, Mumbai 

Sabarmati Ashram & Museum, Ahmedabad  Gandhi National Memorial Society, Pune 

Gandhi Sangrahalaya, Patna  Gandhi Bhavan, Trivandrum  Gandhi Memorial Museum, Madurai

Kirti Mandir, Porbandar  Magan Sangrahalaya, Wardha  Gandhi Memorial Museum, West Bengal 


Sabarmati Ashram & Museum, Ahmedabad  Sevagram Ashram, Wardha  Tolstoy Farm, South Africa

Anandwan Ashram, Chandrapur  Gandhi Ashram, Bangladesh






Articles from some very well known personalities and eminent authors about their views on various Topics as well as on Gandhi, his works and philosophy.

About Gandhi (Dimension Of Gandhi)  Philosophy  Relevance of Gandhi 

Peace, Nonviolence, Conflict Resolution  Satyagraha / Civil Disobedience  Education  Environment

Economics  Truth  Women  Politics  Spiritualism / Religion  Myths  Human / Civil Rights  Trusteeship

Gandhi's Views  Gandhi and South Africa  Ashram  Tribute  Swadeshi / Khadi  Myself—Gandhi 

Fearlessness  Faith  Dignity of Labour  Sarvodaya  Communal Harmony 

Bhoodan Movement ( Land gift movement ) 




Related Sites


Gandhi Websites Non-violence Websites




Gandhi Photographs


Mahatma Gandhi Photo Gallery  The Last Path  The Musings of the Mahatma : Answers for our Times

Gandhi Poster Exhibition




Chronology-Time line


Chronology in detail

1869-1911  912-1932  1933-1948

A Short Chronological Sketch  Years of Fasts of Mahatma Gandhi  Arrests & Imprisonments of Gandhi

Family Tree of Mahatma Gandhi




Mahatma Gandhi Quotes


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Violence and Power Politics  A Gandhian Model for World Politics  Means and Ends in Politics

Gandhi's Political Significance Today




Quiz on Gandhi


Quiz on Mahatma Gandhi




God / Truth / Religion



My God God  The Gospel Of Faith  The Meaning Of God  Ramanama 

Prayer - The Food Of My Soul  Quotations on God


Articles on Truth  Gandhi & Truth : Excerpts  Quotations on Truth Truth is God


Ethical Religion  Religion of Mahatma Gandhi  Prayer In Gandhi's Ashram  Gandhi's Quotes on Religion






Daily Routine as per Mahatma Gandhi  Key to Health   The Moral Basis of Vegetarianism  Nature Cure




Associates and Disciples of Mahatma Gandhi


Gandhi's Associates Gandhi's Disciples  Tributes By Gandhi




Famous speeches by Mahatma Gandhi


Kashmir Issue  Reception in Madras  Great Trial Of 1922  Dandi March  Round Table Conference, 1931  Benaras Hindu University 

The 'Quit India' Speeches, 1942  Inter Asian Relation Conference  Eve of The Last Fast






Redressing The Balance Between Rich And Poor

Gandhi and Buddhist Economics

The Cow In Our Economy

New Innovations based on Gandhian Village Economy




New Books Published / Reviews


Reviews of recently published books on Gandhi, Peace and Non-violence and related issues

Towards Holistic Rural Health : Sarvodaya Way   India's Fight for Freedom 

Revolutionary Gandhi  GANDHI-NEHRU Correspondence: A Selection

GANDHI-PATEL Letters and Speeches Differences within Consensus

The Cambridge Companion to GANDHI  Gandhi in the West  Gandhi CEO

SARVODAYA : A Gandhian Vision for the Kingdom of God  Timeless Inspirator - Reliving GANDHI




Peace Directory / Centers


The Housmans Peace Diary 2012 with World Peace Directory




Nobel Peace Prize


Articles of various leading and prominent authors and personalities, on what they feel about Mahatma Gandhi and Nobel Peace Prize.

Gandhi and Nobel Peace Prize  Opinion Poll




Satyagraha / Civil Disobedience


Complete Information of Dandi March & Civil Disobedience




Gandhi Tourist Places


Porbandar (Birthplace)  Sabarmati Ashram (Ahmedabad)  Agakhan Palace (Pune) 

Sevagram Ashram (Wardha)  Gandhi Museum (Bombay)  Gandhi Museums & Memorial (Delhi)

Gandhi Museum (Madurai)  Gandhi Tours




Resource Persons


Resource Persons in India  Resource Persons in Foreign countries




Gandhi...Godse Assassination - The Facts Behind


Assassination of Gandhi - the facts behind- an article by Chunibhai Vaidya




Audio / Video


 Audio / Video on Gandhi's life & messages




Gandhi and Education


Education as per Mahatma Gandhi   Buniyadi Shiksha (Fundamental Education)   To Students

Towards New Education   Gandhiji's views on youth as an agent for social transformation




Tributes to Mahatma Gandhi


Indian Leaders  Global Leaders 




Tributes to Mahatma Gandhi


Indian Leaders  Global Leaders 




Selected Letters by M. K. Gandhi


Selected Letters - Part I  Selected Letters - Part II  

Selected Letters from Selected Works of M. K. Gandhi  Gandhi - Tilak Correspondence 

Gandhi - Ambedkar Correspondence  Gandhi - Sarojini Naidu Correspondence

Letter to Adolf Hitler, July 23, 1939  Letter to Adolf Hitler, December 24, 1940

Letter to Kallenbach  Mahatma Gandhi's correspondence with Europeans and others




Gandhi's Last Days


The Last Hours of Mahatma Gandhi  The Last Day of Mahatma Gandhi  The Last 144 Days of Mahatma Gandhi






Development and Environment Issues  The Eco-Gandhi and Ecological Movements  The Ecology Of Terrorism 

The Environmental Crisis and Relevance of Gandhiji  Gandhi And Deep Ecology  Mahatma Gandhi - An Environmentalist with a Difference 

The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting




Gandhi Today


Gandhi On Lips, Governor Empties Death Row  Gandhi Goes Green  Kashmir Issue  Protests in India  Gandhi And Deep Ecology

Mahatma Gandhi - An Environmentalist with a Difference






An Introduction of the Autobiography  Complete Autobiography or "My Experiments with Truth" by M. K. Gandhi.




Journalist Gandhi


GANDHI : The Editor  Mahatma Gandhi And Mass Media  M. K. Gandhi- Author, Journalist, Printer, Publisher  Journalist Gandhi 




Gandhi's letters to Americans


Message to the United States




Gandhi's Human Touch


A lecture by Professor Madhu Dandwate




Gandhi on Management


Seven Deadly Sins As Per Mahatma Gandhi




Gandhi Favourite Hymn


Gandhi Favourite Hymn : "Vaishnav Jan to taynay Kahyaye"   other hymns




Village Economy


New Innovations  Village Development  All-round village service  Articles  Gandhi's views about village development 

Gandhi's work  Village Development & Economy of Country  Constructive Programme suggested by Gandhi for the Village Development 

Gandhiji on VILLAGES   Institutions Working for Village Development In India & Abroad




Swadeshi / Khadi


 Gandhi's Views on Swadeshi & Khadi   The Future of Gramabhimukh Khadi   Gandhi's Quotes on Khadi

 Advantages of KHADI   Khadi : Spirituality and Sustainability 




Complete Books Online


 Books by Mahatma Gandhi   Compilations of Mahatma Gandhi's writings   Books on Mahatma Gandhi   Books for children 

 Articles on Mahatma Gandhi and related issues   Books on related subjects




Associates of Gandhi > Vinoba Bhave


 Thoughts   Biography   Bhoodan Movement   Books   Articles   Photographs   Sketches 

 Talks on Gita   My Dear Pranav 




Associates of Gandhi > Jayaprakash Narayan


 Jayaprakash Narayan awarded Bharat Ratna   Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan ( Brief Biography )   JP on Vinoba   Photographs

 A Speech on Hindu Revivalism by Jayprakash Narayan   Total Revolution - Jayaprakash Narayan   Books on Jayaprakash Narayan




Associates of Gandhi > Dada Dharmadhikari


 Philosophy   Biography    ARTICLES




Associates of Gandhi > Others


 Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan   Mahadev Desai   Maganlal Gandhi   Mirabehn   J. C. Kumarappa   Hermann Kallenbach   Baba Amte




Gandhi Greeting Cards


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Gandhi E-books


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Opinion Poll


 Express your views about 'Gandhi was  nominated several  times, but was never  awarded the Nobel  Prize.'




Gandhi Poster Exhibition


 Gandhi's Life & Works in the form of poster exhibition




Mahatma Gandhi Forum /

Discussion Group


Mahatma Gandhi blog updated daily with Gandhi Quotes and news




New Announcements


Current News / New Announcements about Mahatma Gandhi and related issues




Hindi Gandhi Website


 Mahatma Gandhi information website in HINDI




Gandhi Video Clips


 Mahatma Gandhi / Non-violence links on another website




Mahatma Gandhi Audio


 Mahatma Gandhi speeches in audio format




Gandhi Journal


 Gandhi Journal - 3 articles publish monthly about Mahatma Gandhi and his philosophy




Selected Works of Mahatma Gandhi


 Set of five important books on Gandhi's life & works




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