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» Admission Open: Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Rural Reconstruction - 2020 New
» For Gandhi, Secular Music Had Potential to Reach the Masses New
» About 4900 Gandhi books worth Rs. 2.48 lakhs sold during week-long exhibition on the occasion of 72nd death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi New
» 200 Gandhi Books at 50% during week-long books exhibition


» Two-day National Seminal on '150 Years of Celebrating The Mahatma'
» Winter School 2020 - A workshop on Gandhian Nonviolence & Peace
» Mahatma Gandhi's newspaper turns 100
» Recently published book GANDHI@150 attracts people across the country in its pre-launch discount offer
» 74 years after Hiroshima, Mumbai students marched for peace 2019
» Two Day International Symposium for Action 'Is Mahatma Gandhi Possible?'
» National Gandhian Leadership Camp 2019
» Inside Mahatma Gandhi's search for the perfect diet
» Two-day National Seminar on Conflict Resolution and Peace Building in the 21st Century: Lessons
» 'Tatva' of Gandhi's philosophy remains same, 'tantra' will differ
» Two-day International Seminar on How Gandhi matters: Assessing the Relevance of Gandhian Solutions for India and the World in the 21st Century
» Gandhi Going Global 2019
» Unique school in Assam accepts plastic waste as school fees!
» Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Rural Reconstruction - 2019
» Gandhi and Health @150
» 14th Global Youth Peace Fest (GYPF 2019)
» Kasturba: The Unsung Heroin
» About 4,300 Gandhi books worth Rs. 2.15 lakh were sold within six days
» How Ruskin's 'Unto This Last' inspired Mahatma Gandhi
» Eminent Gandhian, Justice Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari passed away


» Much like his approach to non-violence, Gandhi’s thinking on constructive work offers lessons for today
» Gandhi Going Global 2018
» Over 600 prisoners, 700 students to take Gandhi Peace Exam on 2nd October, 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi
» 'In Harmony with the Mahatma' - A musical rendition of poetry inspired by the life and principles of Mahatma Gandhi
» Conference on Buddhism and Gandhi: Philosophy and Praxis
» 26th Annual Gandhi Peace Festival, Canada
» Work with Gandhi Research Foundation
» Two days National Conference on 'Exploring an Unknown Gandhi'
» NO MORE HIROSHIMA - A call by about 1,000 students for peace and nuclear-free world - 73rd Hiroshima Peace Day observed!
» National Gandhian Leadership Camp 2018
» 73rd Hiroshima Peace Day observed!