Gandhi goes Green

George Ryan

An environmental activist holds a poster of Mahatma Gandhi as protestors try to block the arrival of a controversial nuclear waste train traveling to the storage centre of Ahaus in Germany on April 3, 1998. (Pic. courtesy : Asian Age)

George Ryan

Representatives of different peace-making organizations participating in a peace march across Eurasia entitled to "The New Age without wars and Nonviolence" holding a joint prayer at the monument of Mahatma Gandhi in Moscow recently (ITAR - TASS/PTI) Courtesy: Mumbai Samachar, issue dated August 14,1998.

Brazil - Nonviolence

Mahatma Gandhi's approach to achieving justice through non-violence is increasingly finding official acceptance in the world.

The Brazil Police is now studying ways of Mahatma Gandhi in an effort to curb violence. Under a project entitled "The Mahatma Gandhi and Non-Violence", the Sao Paolo police will brief the forces on Mahatma's peaceful opposition to British rule in India and applying pacifist methods to achieve justice.