Spiritualism / Religion

The Soul as it is, and how to deal with it- By Gilbert Murray
Science and Spirituality- By M. S. Dadage
Mahatma Gandhi's Discovery of Religion- By A. Jayabalan CMF
Tolstoy's Thoughts on Religion and Nonviolence
Mahatma Gandhi on Problem of Communalism - By Dr. Ravindra Kumar
Gandhi, Spirituality and Social Action- By Surendra Bhana
Mazhar Mallouhi: Gandhi’s Living Christian Legacy in the Muslim World - By Paul-Gordon Chandler
Imitation of Christ? The world's most famous Hindu became the greatest exemplar of the Sermon on the Mount- By Harris Wofford
Gandhi through the Eyes of the Gita- By Marie Beuzeville Byles
Gandhi showed how Religion is used in Politics- By Vishal Arora
Mahatma Gandhi on Religion and Polity - By Dr. Sudhir Kumar
Gandhian Perspective on "Convergence of Values: Spiritual, Political and Economic"- By M. P. Lele
Mahatma Gandhi's Leadership - Moral And Spiritual Foundations - By Y. P. Anand
Gandhi, Religion and Multiculturalism : An Appraisal- By Siby K. Joseph
Gandhi's idea on Spiritual Politics- By Shashank Sheakhar
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Liberation of Self and Society- By Sudarshan Kapur
Gandhi's Influence on a Catholic Archbishop- By Paddy Kearney
Gandhi on Religion and Social Harmony- By Malabika Pande
Gandhi on theory and practice of Islam- By Dr. Anupma Kaushik
Reinterpreting Gandhi's Notion of "Dharma": An Entanglement of Duty, Religion, and Ethics- By Satya Sundar Sethy
Kabir and Gandhi as Apostles of Human Unity Transcending Religion and Caste-based Distinctions- By Saral Jhingrannew
Mahatma Gandhi and Two Attitudes of Religion- By Dr Arvind Sharmanew
Gandhi on moral basis of Hinduism - By Krishnan Gopal Nandelanew
bullet मेरा धर्म - गांधीजीnew
Gandhi and Spiritualism - By K D Gangradenew