The Gandhian Philosophy Of Spinning Wheel- By S. Narayanswami
What Swaraj meant to Gandhi- By M. P. Mathai
Gandhi's Political Philosophy - By R. K Dasgupta
Gandhian Concept of Decentralization - N. Prasad
Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule: Gandhi's Concept of Home Rule
Communal Harmony in the Gandhian Perspective - Reeta Bagchi
Gandhi's Approach to Communal Harmony - Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer
Brief Outline of Gandhi's Philosophy - By Stephen Murphy
Morality: A Fundamental of Civilization dedicated to Human Welfare - By Dr. Ravindra Kumar
Remembering Gandhi on 60th Anniversary of India’s Independence - By Dr. Ravindra Kumar
What is Prayer? - By M. K. Gandhi
Fresh Prespectives On Gandhi - A Gandhian Response to a Question Posed in the Milinda Pañho (The Questions of King Milinda) - By Dr. Arvind Sharma
Communicating with Christians in all Humility - By Ravindra Kelekar
Gandhi and Christianity - By Ambassador (Retd.) Alan Nazareth
Towards a Framework for Understanding Gandhiji’s Critique of Modernity in Hind Swaraj - By Satish K. Jain
The Gospel of Love - By Gandhi
All Life is One - By Gandhi
No Culture Isolation for Me - By Gandhi
War and Peace - By Gandhi
Basic Principles of Gandhism - By K.Santhanam
The Ideal and the Actual in Gandhi's Philosophy- By B. S. Sharma
Taking Sarvodaya to the People - By R. R. Keithahn
War and Peace - By Gandhi
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