Gandhi - Ganga

Compiled by : Mahendra Meghani
Translated by : Mrs Jyoti Verma
First Edition : 3,000 copies, December 1968
Price : Rs. 10/-

Published by : Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal - Gandhi Book Center
299 Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai 400 007 India.

Printed and Published by : Jitendra T. Desai
Navajivan Mudranalaya, Ahemadabad-380014 India.

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Publisher's Note
M. K. Gandhi
The Gandhi I Know The Day Is Going to Break
An ode to Malayagiri
Lallubhai Patel
Erase Those Two Words The Ghee-Lamp
The Work Preceding the Lecture Such a Washerman
Poverty Makes You Shiver
Mili Graham Polak
Johannesburg Meeting and a Young Man with Knife Status of a Woman
Umashankar Joshi
An Attitude for Saving The King's Hospitality
Do I Dare Drink It? The Mother of the Poor
Half Anna Worth Lakhs of Rupees Hit Me on the Head, First
Both of Us Kept Mum Don't Say Mahatma!
Kaka Kalelkar
Memorising 'Gita' Returned Forty Thousand Rupees
For Saving Untouchability Rules of Religious War
Stern Discipline A Representative of Sin
Affectionate like a Mother A Political Prisoner
A Versatile Player Service of the Nation
Worshipping Truthfulness Orthodox Yet Reformer
From Sabarmati to Yerawada Reading in Jail
Limping Dattoba King Alfred
The Departure
Jugatram Dave
The Life at Ashram Navjeevan - A New Life
Shahnawaz Khan
The Words Will Resound
Ravishankar Maharaj
Avail Whatever You Have
Ramnarayan Pathak
Coordination of Contradicting Forces
Shankarlal Banker
A Versatile Diplomat Should I Ask You To Make a Film?
Why Did Vishwamitra Behave Like That?
Narhari Parikh
Mahadevbhai's Diary
Ghanshyamdas Birla
On The Deathbed of A Patient
Balwant Singh
Crying Over Spilt Milk Only Selfness Service Can Touch the Heart
Clare Sheridan
Extreme Simplicity
Dhirubhai Thakar
Immortal Celebrity of A Resplendent Life
Indulal Yagnik
A Historical Meeting
Tansukh Bhatt
A Different Kind of Non-Violence
Mukulbhai Kalarthi
Bapu, The Cobbler Pardon Me!
Sing Only If You Are Melodious Why Are You So Scared?
Obedience My Being There Makes A Difference!
Are You Scared Of Me? I Would Eat If Ba Wouldn't!
Raojibhai Patel
The Mystical Revelation of Gita Bapu, For All
Hariprasad Desai
New Bank is to be Opened
Gunwant Shah
Jatayu Has Revived
Mahendra Meghani
The Moth in A Scattered Musical Concert Three Icons of Gandhi
Keshubhai Bhavsar
Gandhi, the Coordinator
Manu Gandhi
Better Done Than Said Seizing Two Compartments
Adam Ghodawala
Are We Incidental?
Jagdish Chawda
Jugatram Dave
Ashram Compartment is The Home! Compartment is The Ashram!
A Joypus Satyagrahi
Josef Doc
The Hero
Jeevatram Kripalani
Was Gandhi Modern?
Mirza Ismael
Saint, Diplomat and Nation-builder
Vallabhbhai Patel
Ganga Flowing in the Courtyard
John Hans Holmes
An Excellent Person
Amritlal Vegad
Introducing Ahimsa to the Battlefield
Nagindas Sanghvi
An Earning
Chandrashekhar P Shukla
Lassitude Beats Poverty The Lesson of Cleanliness
Mahadevbhai Desai
The Sorrow of Separation
Ravindranath Tagore
A Blazing Heart and a Shower of Blessings
Louis Fischer
Gandhiji and Ravindranath Tagore
Pyarelal Nayyar
Tiny Things Comprise The Life The Last Day