My Dear Pranav
(An Introduction to the Thoughts of Vinoba)

Written by : L. N. Godbole
Foreword by : Usha Chandrasekhar
First Published : 1994
ISBN 81-7011-291-5

Published by : N. H. Atthreya Hon. Director of Indian Centre
for Encouraging Excellence, Court Chambers, III Floor, Bombay 400 020

Printed at :St Paul Press Training School, Bandra, Bombay 400 050
L. N. Godbole, 1994

In the form of 52 letters - one a week, written over a year - the author introduces some of the insightful thoughts of Vinoba to Pranav, a young man of twelve. Vinoba was a willing soldier, a keen student, a versatile scholar, a scintillating synthesizer, a social activist, a spiritual seeker and a great satyagrahi - all rolled into one. Every Indian, young and old, should have a feel of this great son of India.
Reading him is best and reading about him is the second best. The author hopes the reader will get sufficiently provoked to read Vinoba's writings..

  Foreword   Preface
  Birth Definition of 'Brahma'   In search of Meaning
  Learning : The change in ourselves   Education : Ever eternal, ever changing
  Talks of Vinoba   Add emotions into your thoughts
  Education & Spirituality : Development with direction   People's Power
  Change in 'I' is the change in 'We'   The greatest Democracy : Unity in Diversity
  The person of Ideas   'And Also' - Duties and Philosophy
  The modern side of 'Bhakti'   Bhakti, Gyan and Seva
  The Experimenter   A True son of the soil
  Vinoba & Jayaprakash   Bhoodan-1
  Bhoodan-2   Swarajya-Sarvodaya
  On Institutions   Sarvodaya Samaj-1
  Sarvodaya Samaj-2   Science + Spiritual Wisdom=Self-Knowledge
  Power of the Word   Religious Institutions
  Ahimsa - the way of living   Teachers : the source of light
  Dignity of labour   Essence of learning
  'Gungrahan' - Enlarge the good qualities of others   Nai Talim - Lok Shikshan
  Think globally, act locally   Women's Power
  Gramdan   Bhoodan-3
  Enjoy in renouncing wealth   Gandhi and Vinoba : A unique pair
  Thought is greater than man   Cow Protection (Goraksha)
  Satyagraha   Emergency in India
  Chapter on Discipline   Vinoba's holistic approach
  Spiritualizing Politics   Devanagari Script-1
  Devanagari Script-2   Bhagvadgita-1
  Bhagvadgita-2   Panch-Jana Shakti
  Sarvodaya   Vinoba : The man of ideas
  References   Appendix 1
  Appendix 2   Appendix 3