Poems on Gandhi
(Collection of Poems on Mahatma Gandhi)

Salutation The Recipe
Sacrifice A Poem On Gandhi
Night of Nights Father of Nation
Mahatma Gandhi Our Beloved Bapu
Gandhiji Mahatma Gandhi
Gandhiji Bapu - A true Satyagrahi
Gandhiji Mahatma Gandhi
Glory Of India Gandhiji
My Father Satyagraha
Pheonix White Light
Universal 1 Universal 2
Sarvodaya Song of Atman
Song of Ascents Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi 1 Gandhi
Yes, I am Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi Come again...
His name is Bapu Our Country
Hymn of Gandhi Gandhi came to Gujarat
Take shelter with Gandhi Eternal saga of Bapu
The Seeds The Man of The Millenium
bullet Dandi gave Gift upon Gift Gandhi: The modern Buddha
'Bapu' - A True Satyagrahi A Fathers Vision
bullet Mother Molded Mahatma bullet Where are you Bapu?