Our Bapu book for children

Gandhi Katha

Written by: Begum Qudsia Zaidi

Foreword by: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

First Edition: 1955

Printed and Published by:

Navajivan Publishing House,

Ahemadabad 380014 Gujarat India.

©B.G. Paul & Co., 1955

» Foreword
» Introduction
» The Gandhi Family
» Early Influences
» Gandhi's Marriage
» Gandhi's first lesson in Nonviolence
» In England
» In South Africa
» Braving Injustice In South Africa
» The Birth of Satyagraha
» The Beginning of India's Freedom Struggle
» The Freedom Struggle Reaches Its Height
» Dandi March
» Gandhi attends the Round Table Conference
» At Sevagram Ashram
» The Quit India Movement
» Death of Kasturba and Mahadevbhai
» Freedom is won but.....