Disciples of Mahatma Gandhi

'My Life is My Message', said Gandhi and deriving inspiration from his life many great men have made a difference in the world.
Here we take a peek at some who deserve to be called the disciples of the apostle of Peace.

» Martin Luther King. Jr.
» In Good Faith: America's Gandhi - Martin Luther King Jr.
» "I have a dream" - a famous speech by Dr Martin Luther King Jr.
» Quotations by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
» Pilgrimage to India: When Martin Luther King Jr followed in Gandhi’s footsteps
» Nelson Mandela
» Jamnalal Bajaj
» GANDHI Inspired....
» Cho Man-sik (Korean Gandhi)
» Kwame Nkrumah: Non-Violence of Mahatma Gandhi in Ghana
» DESMOND MPILO TUTU: A great follower of Mahatma Gandhi
» Ham Sok-hon: The Korean Gandhi
» DANILO DOLCI: A Gandhi in Sicily
» PETRA KARIN KELLY: Nonviolence spoke to the power
» Kaumudi: A symbol of reunuciation
» Usha Mehta, Freedom Fighter against British Rule in India
» Jailed at 13 by British, a Gandhian Transformed Rural MP & Helped 654 Dacoits Surrender
» Shanti Tseng (Tseng Shengti): Mahatma Gandhi's Chinese Disciple and a Literary Giant