The Environmental Crisis and Relevance of Gandhiji - By M. R. Rajagopalan
Gandhian Environmentalism: An Unfinished Task - T. N. Khoshoo
Agenda 21 Section IV and Gandhian Philosophy-A comparison - By Ashok Bhise
Nature and Man: Gandhian Concept of Deep Ecology - By Poonam Kumaria
Mahatma Gandhi and Environment protection - By Dr. Anupma Kaushik
Gandhi and Ecological Marxists: A Study of Silent Valley Movement - By Sasikala A. S.
Environmental Thoughts of Gandhi for a Green Future- By Sasikala AS
Ecology and Lifestyle: A Gandhian Perspective- By M. P. Mathai
'Green-Gandhism' for sustainability in the new millenium- By Ramchandra Mishra
Gandhi, Environment and sustainable future- Edited by Siby K Joseph and Bharat Mahodaya
The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting- By Anupam Mishra (Audio-Video)
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Gandhian relevance to environmental sustainability- By Dr. Vaidehi Daptardar
Case Studies / Practical Examples

The Man Who Lives Without Money
I Haven't Made Any Trash In 2 Years. Here's What My Life Is Like (External Link)- By Lauren Singer