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Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Rural Reconstruction - 2024-25

Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Rural Reconstruction - 2024-25

Course commences on July 15, 2024

Number of seats: 20

The Gandhi Research Foundation (GRF) has been established with the objective of reviving Gandhiji's values of truth, nonviolence, co-existence, harmony, fraternity, and equality. The GRF, one of the premier Gandhian research institutions, provides a unique learning opportunity by offering training in developmental leadership through research pedagogy, fieldwork, and structured instruction based on Gandhiji's philosophy.

Course Features:

Duration: One-year residential program

Institutional Support: Monthly Stipend and Logistic Support;

Interdisciplinary Curriculum: A comprehensive and holistic curriculum delivered by experts from different parts of India.

Mentorship: Social entrepreneurs, eminent guest faculty and senior Gandhi analysts guide the youth to inspiring, informing, advising them, so as to awaken the best in them;

Experiential Programs: Leadership camps, exposure tours, internships, community stays and cycle trip exercises to help you learn about yourself, society, rural development, and the world.


Age: 18-30 years (professing Indian values);

Qualification: Completed Bachelor's degree.

Interest: Eager to work with rural society; experience in community work;

Admission Fees: Rs. 6,500/-

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Last date of application: June 15, 2024

For more details, please contact:
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