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Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography a teacher’s parting gift to students

Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography a teacher’s parting gift to students

Manoj Kumar gave a copy of The Story of My Experiments with Truth to a student at Ramakrishna Mission HSS in Kozhikode.
Photo | Express

Students of Kozhikode Ramakrishna Mission HSS, who returned to school in the New Year after Christmas break a had a precious gift awaiting them – a book that influenced millions of people.

Manoj Kumar, a Gandhian and Malayalam teacher of the school, distributed 2,500 copies of The Story of My Experiments with Truth, the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi among the children, his parting gift to the children before he retires from the school in March after a teaching career spanning 23 years.

Manoj was in Class VIII when he read a chapter from the autobiography ‘Lies and atonement’ in his Malayalam textbook. It hit a chord.

“It was the first time I learnt about Mahatma Gandhi and his teaching that doing wrong is a sin. After that, I read his entire autobiography. His words illuminated my life. My entire life has revolved around that idea since,” Manoj said.

Manoj firmly believes that Gandhiji’s life and teachings can help shape the future of the younger generations. This was why Manoj decided to distribute copies of the autobiography among students of Class V to X.

He had had the books delivered to his house in Balussery in December from Navjeevan Trust in Gujarat.

“Gandhiji told us to dream in our own language, so I distributed books translated to our mother tongue, Malayalam. The books were divided according to the strength of each class and were handed over to them personally with a special note from me,” said Manoj, who is also the district president of Gandhi Darshan Club and chairman of the Balussery Sarvodaya Trust.

Manoj, who has travelled all across Wardha and Sabarmati, has read the ‘The Story of My Experiments with Truth’ several times over the years.

“It is very relevant to read Gandhiji’s words in today’s polluted times. The future generation should inculcate his values. The essence imparted by Gandhiji should be brought to life. Let this book be the basis for that,” he said.

Courtesy: The New Indian Express, January 15, 2024.