Online State Level Elocution Competition 2023

Online State Level Elocution Competition 2023

to celebrate International Day of Nonviolence

organised by Gandhi Research Foundation

Gandhi Research Foundation has organized an online state level Elocution competition on the occasion of International Day of Non-Violence on 2nd October 2023.

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Group Standard Language Theme Honors**
Group I Class 6 to 8 मराठी पर्यावरण आणि विकास First - ₹ 5,000/-
हिन्दी पर्यावरण और विकास Second - ₹ 3,000/-
English Environment and Development Third - ₹ 2,000/-
Group II Class 9 to 12 मराठी 'जाती' अंत हाच पर्याय First - ₹ 7,000/-
हिन्दी 'जातीप्रथा' समाप्ती यही विकल्प है | Second - ₹ 5,000/-
English End of 'Caste System' is the Only option Third - ₹ 3,000/-
Group III First Year Graduation to Post Graduate मराठी राष्ट्रपुरुषांच्या अनादराने काय साध्य होईल? First - ₹ 10,000/-
हिन्दी राष्ट्रपुरुषों का अपमान करके क्या हासिल होगा? Second - ₹ 7,000/-
English What is achieved by disrespecting national leaders? Third - ₹ 5,000/-

Last date for registration and submission: 15th September 2023 (by 11:55 pm)

The top three winners will be chosen for the award in each group, not in each language.

For more details and terms & conditions, please download following brochures, available in English, Hindi and Marathi.

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