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17th Global Youth Peace Fest - GYPF 2024, Giza-Egypt

Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Rural Reconstruction - 2024-25

Registration deadline: August 30, 2024

Since 1990, Yuvsatta (Youth for Peace), an NGO, has been working in a variety of areas to steer young people towards implementing Gandhian ideals of Constructive Programme based on voluntary effort and individual & community action. They envision a world where all people are respected equally, protected fully and realized universally. There are capable young leaders in every community who can become catalysts or Agents of change, bringing them together and inspiring transformative change is the mission of the annual Global Youth Peace Fest-GYPF of Yuvsatta (youth for peace).

The Global Youth Peace Fest (GYPF) is an annual event for young people that aims to promote global citizenship, encourage personal development, and foster a positive attitude towards self and society. The festival also aims to create awareness about the importance of respecting and understanding diverse cultures. Over the past 19 years, GYPF has become a hub for inspiring new ideas and creating lasting friendships across cultures. Participating delegates have the opportunity to meet like-minded people and youth leaders from around the world to network and collaborate towards building a better world.

The organizers of GYPF 2024 aim to involve young people in all aspects of the event, including advocacy, policymaking, research, environment, and gender sensitization. The event will bring together a diverse group of young people from different backgrounds, religions, and nationalities to share their experiences and propose solutions for their future. This will provide a platform for exchanging ideas and enable them to become true global citizens, as well as volunteers to co-create a future that reflects their potential. The organizers hope that the continuation of organizing GYPF will inspire similar events elsewhere.


The organizing team will select GYPF 2024 delegates in a manner that ensures relative uniformity and high level of geographic diversity. All nationalities are welcome to apply. And for the purposes of group cohesion, each applicant will be evaluated as per his/her online filled registration details.

Age: If you are older than 40, please consider attending as an observer.

Within 30 days of receipt of acceptance letter from the organizing team, delegates need to pay full registration fee (non-refundable) to secure her/his position in the mega-event.

Given the limited spaces available and the number of applications received, organizers can only guarantee a place in the GYPF 2024 upon receipt offull registration fee.

To registere, scan QR Code:

Registration deadline: August 30, 2024

Organised by:
YUVSATTA (Youth for Peace)
#12, Karuna Sadan, Sedor 11, Chandigarh, lndia-160011
Tel. +91 172-4345155 | Email:
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