Conflict Management

Online Training


Women Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Home Makers

How to make difficult conversations easy

Women only program

Are you struggling with or avoiding difficult conversations with your family members at home or your peers at workplace?

Equip yourself with novel communication techniques to face these situations and also address your real-life conflicts!

Come, join the On-line training on Conflict Management to secure life skills and an E-Certificate.

Three Levels: Facilitated by renowned conflict experts, this bilingual (English and Hindi) workshop will be held in three levels, three days a week, for three weeks, a total of 18 hours.

Organized and facilitated jointly by Gandhi Research Foundation and Youth Conflict Management.

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PS: If your organization likes to have this workshop for all your female team members, we propose to organize a customized training program exclusively for your team.

For more details, please contact: +91-9422 776 936 | 9404 955 272