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Gandhi: The modern Buddha
The world changes you,
And sometimes,
You change the world.

Bullets win you battles,
And sometimes,
Ballot hit harder than a bullet.

You need a revolver to rebel,
Your slogans kill faster than a revolver.

You need blazer to rule the world,
And sometimes,
A self-made Dhoti owns the world.

You go on a car to show your supremacy,
And sometimes,
Supremacy walks behind you eighteen miles a day.

The stars inspire you to live,
And sometimes,
Your simplicity them to live.

Minds control our body,
And sometimes,
You control your mind.

Everything is about perception,
Is what we learned from Bapu,
Otherwise, who would have thought,
A man like him can change the face of a nation.

He was a revolutionary,
Not only for his works for freedom,
But also for his thoughts,
That not only changed my perception,
But everyone's perception about war.

But was he a stagnant mind?
No, Not at all!

From introducing the multi-culture structure of sporting,
To making handicraft an essential part of Indian society,
From promoting Swadeshi goods,
To fighting for women empowerment...

He was always the man,
Who never changed his words,
Be it when he was beaten up,
Or when bullets were fired...

Love, peace, and care,
Were the only things he had in heart,
Maybe that is why we say,

'Gandhi: The modern Buddha'...
- By Sutputra Radhyeye, Email: