Gandhian Principle, India Invincible

After 200 years of imprisonment,
under the brutal British government
India got independence
Guaranteeing freedom for our descendants.

He took 3 bullets on his chest,
'Hey Ram' the last words he expressed;
wanted Indian society to be the best
fought without violence with zest.

Known as the Father of the Nation,
Gave 3 ideal principle formation
Non- violence, Sarvodaya and Swaraj
To fulfill them i swear.

To contribute for Sarvodaya,
The superset of Antyodaya
of simple living and high thinking
for the new India to be sprinkling.

Mind is a restless bird,
I can go to a slum area
And teach them words
bringing the mass hysteria.

Spreading Sarvodaya is neither equality for all
nor for someone to fall;
but means everyone gets all
in this world so small.

I can donate to poor ,
in lieu of money; food and cloth,
not as a delusion of grandeur
but to see them rise above as froth.

From its imperial days
to being the world's largest democracy,
India has still stayed
with love and grace.

Sarvodaya brings a way of life
for everyone to live with equal rights,
Let’s praise with whom we share the earth
And not forget their worth.

To globalize Gandhian principle
for India to be invincible
Along with people in lowest order
No one needs to be a hoarder.

Mahatma Gandhi's life inspires me to live,
not to think 'what others will think';
and not to give up thrive
to follow his long live dream.

Gandhi’s vision of India
has three major ways
Non-violence, Sarvodaya and Swaraj
following them should be India's aim.

- by Ritika Roy | Email: | Published on 16.01.2020