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STUDENTS' PROJECTS > POEMS ON GANDHI > Dandi gave gift upon gift
Dandi gave gift upon gift
He was not a king
Tho' he inspired Martin Luther King

He was a leader for Indians
Tho' inspired lives of African Americans

He didn't revolt, keeping in mind, a future date
Tho' African Americans got the right to vote

Dandi was his historic march
In the struggle for freedom, it led to a march

It proved, Mahatma Gandhi as able
As he represented India, at the Round Table

Contributions of Dandi was heft
Indeed, Dandi gave gift upon gift!

- Above poem is adapted from the eBook "YOU CAN CHANGE! WITH YOUR VOTE!! AND OTHER MIXED POEMS" by Shri.V.Muthu manickam.
Copyright is held by Shri.V.Muthu manickam. Email: