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Eternal saga of Bapu
A priest was born in Porbander,
Parents named him Mohandas.
Childhood passed in play & frolic,
Went London to study law.

Gained name & fame in Africa.
But Africa changed his fate
Touched by misery of Indians
Fought for their civil rights.

Thus, gifted world the weapon of non-violence
Then the beloved son returned to serve the motherland
Devoted his life for poor and needy
Gave the call of complete Swaraj

This warrior of Independence never lost the spirit.
Broke the salt tax in Dandi march
Striked a blow to British heart
Taught us lessons of Satyagraha,

This dhotiwala ruled trillion hearts.
Worshipper of truth and follower of non violence,
Sacrificed his wealth & pleasures.
Then echoed new voice,

Thus begin Quit India Movement.
Beloved son of Mother India
Never hesitated from imprisonment
Always strived for freedom.

Clad in dhoti with stick in hand
Drove the Britishers out of land
Gifted us the dawn of freedom.
A wave of joy spread across India

But this joy couldn’t last long.
Beloved Bapu could not live long
To enjoy the fruits of freedom.
Assassinated by Nathuram Godse

Bapu breathed his last on January 30, 1948.
This beloved devotee of lord Rama
Finally marched towards abode of Rama.
- Gopi Rawal, Student. Email: