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Mother Molded Mahatma
The name Mahatma Gandhi is synonymous with truth
But he was not an epitome of truth by birth
His mother Putlibai had had strong religious faith
Unless and until rituals completed, she used to hold breath

She also practiced the sacred 'Kokila Vratha' - a vow ritual
She would wait for the call of Kokila - cuckoo - before breakfast
To have breakfast, such call of the cuckoo is vital
One day she waited for a long for such call but steadfast

Young Gandhi couldn't bear such of her strain
He gone out of the house and imitated
like the cooing, the way the cuckoo used to entertain
Then persuaded mother to eat, as if he had never acted

Instead she slapped Gandhi as if an arrow pierced her heart
She wailed, 'What a great sinner am I to have begotten
such a wicked liar as son, Oh Lord! ' as she knew his act of covert
On seeing her eyes with tears, young Gandhi was profoundly bitten

Deeply moved by her words, Gandhi made a promise
to her: 'In my life, henceforth, I will not utter falsehood'
Thus mother molded a new Gandhi, to firmly raise
Even with troubles and turmoil, like rock he stood

There are numerous events to adore Gandhi sticking to truth
With stern and unyielding morality, he made his mother more beautiful
'As is the seed, so is the plant' is a fact and not a myth
Only such lesson scissiled Gandhi to remain forever truthful!

- by Shri.V.Muthu manickam.
Copyright reserved by Shri.V.Muthu manickam. Email: