Words of Freedom

With a hope of freedom we walked ahead,
Carrying the dreams of our ancestors, our lives bound with a single thread.

He walked ahead of us, a promise of liberation,
The tides turned, and filled us with anticipation.

Our tears dried and eyes were full of glistening hope,
A belief of a better tomorrow, free from shackles and mope.

He gave a non-violent creed,
And believed that there was enough for everybody's need, not greed.

Through several movements that gave freedom a call,
And the tenets of Sarvodaya that propagated the welfare of all.

Through Satyagraha a patriotic spirit he fostered,
A dream to create a nation unfettered.

Like the threads of Khadi he wove us into a tapestry,
And instilled within us a will to be free.

He held our hand with an encouraging smile,
And taught us to live a life of virtue without guile.

His beliefs echo in our minds even today,
Making us a better person, so that we don't lose our way.

We keep moving with his wise words in our heart,
With our soul full of gratitude, we hold Gandhiji in high regard.

- by Yukta Hathiramani | Email: | Published on 1.10.2019