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The Seeds
On the bank of Sabarmati
He woke
and discovered the greatest of all the weapons
Its name was non-violence.
With this as the only weapon in his armour
He redefined himself and the fate of our nation
Through non-violence, non-cooperation
and through endless suffering
He reasserted the right of his countrymen
over their motherland and her pinch of salt
Truth is powerful
He demostrated
His ideals were most brutal
For they destroyed the very fear from
the eyes of the oppressed
Giving up his clothes as millions of his brethren were unclothed
He assumed a new role
and that was of father of the nation
He rechristened the downtrodden
as Harijans the Godmen
His empathy, his love, his peace
continues to affect jillions across the globe
We salute him and carry the seeds of his teachings
and with us into big trees will they grow!!
- Mahesh Sowani, Email: