36. Buffalo's Milk-fat v. Cow's Milk-fat

Dr. Godbole, Professor of Industrial Chemistry in the Banaras Hindu University, has sent me at my request an elaborate and critical analysis of these two fats. It is far too technical for the lay reader. I shall gladly lend it to any student of this important subject. Meanwhile I content myself with giving his conclusions:

"1. Cow's butter-fat is known to have iodine in its composition, whereas no data is available on this point in the case of buffalo butter-fat.

"2. Both cow's butter-fat and buffalo-butter-fat contain vitamins A and D; but cow's butter-fat is richer in vitamins A, while the other is richer in vitamin D.

"3. Butter-fat as such is any time better than tallow, lard or vegetable ghee.

"4. Cow's butter-fat is richer than the buffalo-butter-fat in the total assimilable and digestible part and is, therefore, comparatively more suitable for children and weaklings.

"5. From an economic point of view, the buffalo is a better butter-producing machine than the cow.

"Of the two butter-fats, cow's is in a sense nearer to the composition of human body-fat than the buffalo-butter-fat."

Harijan, 29-3-1935