35. Cow's Ghee v. Buffalo's Ghee

Dr. Prafulla Ghosh has been examining the comparative value of cow's milk-ghee and buffalo's milk-ghee. He writes :

"I have ascertained the opinion of three chemists: (1) Dr. Mahendra Goswami, D.Sc., Prof, of Oil and Fat Chemistry in the Department of Applied Chemistry, University College of Science, Calcutta, (2) Dr. K. P. Bose, D.Sc., Ph.D., Head of the Department of Bio-Chemistry, Dacca University and (3) Mr. Ramaswamy Ayyar, Fat and Oil Expert of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. I have also consulted the literature myself. The comparative vitamin contents of both varieties of ghee have also been examined by Dr. B. C. Guha of the Bengal Chemical Works at my request. By collecting all the facts I have come to the following conclusion:

In the present state of our knowledge, it is not possible to pronounce definitely which of the two varieties of ghee is better from the dietetic point of view."

Harijan, 22-3-1935