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Ramanama Book Cover

What Jesus Means To Me

Written by: M.K. Gandhi

Compiled by: R.K. Prabhu

First Edition: September 1959

ISBN 81-7229-387-9

Printed and Published by:

Navajivan Mudranalaya, Ahemadabad-380014 India.

» My early studies in Christianity
» The Sermon on the mount
» Why I am now a convert to Christianity
» Only begotten son of God?
» What Jesus means to me
» The message of Jesus
» The Jesus I love
» Christ - A Prince amongst satyagrahis
» The greatest economist of his time
» Proselytization
» For missionaries in India
» For Christian Indians
» For Christian friends
» Value of scriptural texts
» Western Christianity today
» To the Ceylonese youth
» Some questions and answers
» Appendix I : Sermon on the mount
» Appendix II : Two favorite Christian hymns of Gandhiji