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THE SELECTED WORKS OF MAHATMA GANDHI > Vol. V - THE VOICE OF TRUTH > Part II- Section IV: One World > World Federation
World Federation
Isolated independence is not the goal of the world-states. It is voluntary inter-dependence.
Young India, 17-7-24, p. 236

The better mind of the world desires today not absolutely independent States warring one against another, but a federation of friendly inter-dependent States. The consummation of that event may be far off. I want to make no grand claim for our country. But I see nothing grand or impossible about our expressing our readiness for universal inter-dependence rather, than independence.
Young India, 26-12-24, p. 425

There is no limit to extending our service to our neighbours across our State-made frontiers. God never made those frontiers.
Young India, 31-12-31, p. 427

The aspiration for independence is the aspiration that fires all nations in Europe. But that independence does not exclude voluntary partnership. Imperialistic ambition is inconsistent with partnership.
Harijan, 3-7-37, p. 165

The structure of a world federation can be raised only on foundation of non-violence, and violence will have to be totally given up in world affairs.
Gandhijiís Correspondence with the Government 1942-44, (1957), p. 143

Federation is undoubtedly a greater and nobler end for free nations. It is a greater and nobler end for them to strive to promote Federation than be self-centered, seeking only to preserve their own freedom...The very first step to a world Federation is to recognize the freedom of conquered and exploited nations.
Harijan, 9-8-42, p. 265

Today defence of citizenship is a defence of national commerce, i.e., exploitation. That exploitation presupposes the use of force for imposing commerce upon an unwilling people. Nations have, in a sense, therefore, almost become gangs of robbers, where as they should be a peaceful combination of men and women united for the common good of mankind. In the latter case, their strength will lie not in their skill in the use of gunpowder, but in the possession of superior moral fiber.
Young India, 21-10-26, p. 366