The Voice of Truth
Vol. 5
Written by : M.K. Gandhi
General Editor : Shriman Narayan
ISBN 81-7229-008-X

Printed & Published by :
Navajivan Trust, Ahemadabad-380014 India.

Benaras Hindu University Speech Statement in the The Great Trial of 1922
On the Eve of Historic Dandi March Speech At The Round Table Conference
The ‘Quit India’ Speeches Speech Before Inter-Asian Relations Conference
Speech On The Eve Of The Last Fast  
SECTION I : Truth, World and Man
Truth and God Life and God
God In Nature Man and His Destiny
Self-Discipline An Ideal Man
SECTION I : Means and Ends
Means and Ends The Meaning of Non-violence
The Law of Human Species The Power of Non-violence
Qualities of Votaries of Non-violence Non-violence and Cowardice
What is Satyagraha Qualifications and Training of a Satyagrahi
Non-co-operation Civil Disobedience
Fasting in Satyagraha Satyagrahi Leader
Satyagraha in the face of Riots and Aggression  
SECTION III : Comparative Ideologies
On Sarvodaya On Socialism
On Communism On Marx
SECTION IV : One World
Nationalism and Internationalism Different Races are different branches of one tree
Atom Bomb Disarmament
World Federation World of Tomorrow
SECTION V : Religion and Culture
The Essential Unity of all Religions Civilization and Culture
SECTION VI : Art, Literature and Science
On Art On Literature and Journalism
On Science  
SECTION VII : Economic Ideas
Economics and Ethics Supremacy of Man : Full Employment
Plain Living and High Thinking Dignity of Labour : Bread Labour
Swadeshi Economic Equality
Decentralised Economy Village Communities
Self-Sufficiency Co-operation
Trusteeship The Evil of Industrialism
The Place of Machinery Khadi and Hand-spinning
Village Industries  
SECTION VIII : Labour Relations
The Ideal of Labour Relations The Rights and Duties of Labour
Strikes Landlord and Tenant
Is Class War Inevitable?  
SECTION IX : Political Ideas
Politics and Religion The State of Enlightened Anarchy
The Individual is Supreme Swaraj
True Democracy Decentralisation
Village Panchayats Parliamentary Democracy
Franchise and Voters The Seat of Real Power
Legislatures Majority and Minority
A code of Conduct for Governors and Ministers The Popular Ministers
The Police, Crimes and Jails  
SECTION X : Social Ideas
The Social Ideal Fourfold Division of Society and Four Stages of Life
The Role and Status of Woman The Ideal of Marriage
Children Birth Control
SECTION XI : Basic Education and Students
Basic Education Medium of Education
To Students  
SECTION XII : Unto This Last
Unto This Last Adivasis
Landless Labour and Harijans  
Glossary Sources