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THE SELECTED WORKS OF MAHATMA GANDHI > Vol. V - THE VOICE OF TRUTH > Part II- Section IX : Political Ideas > Politics and Religion
55. Politics and Religion
I do not divide life into watertight compartments. The life of a nation like that of individuals is an indivisible whole.
Harijan, 20-2-37, p. 13

For me there is no politics without religion-not the religion of the superstitious and the blind, religion that hates and fights, but the universal Religion of Toleration. Politics without morality is a thing to be avoided.
Young India, 27-11-24, p. 391

For me, politics bereft of religion are absolute dirt, ever to be shunned. Politics concern nations and that which concerns the welfare of nations must be one of the concerns of a man who is religiously inclined, in other words, a seeker after God and Truth.
...Therefore, in politics also we have to establish the Kingdom of Heaven.
Young India, 18-6-25, p. 214