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The Fundamental Principles of Planning
It should be a postulate of national planning that at present all can and should be provided full employment. Let them do it with such tools and machineries as are capable of it. However, if only some can be provided work on the plea of efficiency, it would not be national but partial planning. S.V.-1011

The government plans ought to give the first priority to the raising up of the lowest, the poorest and the most depressed. S.V.-1012

Planning must primarily mean employment and food to everyone. They talk of raising the standard of living. No one would object to it, if could be done, but before we talk of increasing the standard of living, we have to assure ourselves that we shall first live. Let us first assure minimum livelihood to all. S. V.-1016
A society based on non-violence cannot function through intermediate agencies. To bring about such a society, village industries should thrive. All should get food and all must work. The economy of the nation should be planned on the lines of a joint family. S. V.-1017

Decentralisation of Planning
The method of Baba's (Vinoba's) planning is different from that adopted in the present plans. Their method is that of nationalised planning, i.e. the plan for the whole of the country is drawn up in Delhi. Baba wants every village to prepare its own plan. S. V.-1033

Small Schemes
If we plan and work out small schemes with our own resources and capacity, the progress of the country would be greater than it would be if we burden ourselves with big schemes. We can perform big tasks, but they would not be done till we acquire skill in performing small ones. S. V.-1034