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The Age
The Dilemma Before the World
The whole world is in terrible dilemma. While the search is for peace, preparations are going on for war. The world is terrified at the latest inventions of science. It is in despair at its experience to attempts to establish peace through war and to remove economic disparities through struggles. It is waiting for a method of revolution which is in consonance with our aspirations for brotherhood and which moves onwards establishing cooperation among men. - S. V.-1075

Man Controlled by Armaments
So far armaments were under the control of man, but it is not for now. He is under their control. - S. V.-1076

The Call of the Age
The call of the age is that nonviolence and science should combine together, and society be ruled by non-violence and compassion. Meanwhile, mental power would be required, but it is compassion which would rule. - S. V. 1079
Spirituality is needed today because man has acquired the immense power of science. It is fast developing and it would do great damage if it takes a wrong direction. - S. V.1080