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The Evil Did Not Respond
So He Decided to create a bond
He Marched Up To The Salt
But Then They Got Told To HALT.

He was shot in his chest,
He will now be highly blessed,
His death was a shock to the WORLD
Then India was twirled and swirled.

The Fighting had begun,
So the British had already Won,
He Went on a fasting diet,
To stop Them all having a riot

The men were destroying the country,
The women were destroying their lives,
The children were so innocent,
And they were the ones who were punished,

Black men couldn't sit with white men,
White men didn't want to sit with black men,
So this unknown man brought everyone together
This UNKNOWN man was called …MAHATMA GANDHI

This unknown man was the one to fight the evil
There are many causes he would die for.
There is not a single cause he would kill for.
"An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind."