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Foreword by Mahatma Gandhi
The following pages represent a labour of love. Professor Nirmal Kumar Bose first published his selection in 1934 and they contained extracts from my writings up to 1934. But my writings have never ceases and so the professor felt that he should bring up his selections to as late a date as possible i. e up to 1942 with isolated later additions. Though therefore this is called a new addition, it is in reality a new book. The earliest and most elaborate attempt was made by the late Amulakharai in Gujarati. But that was years ago. He covered my writings in Gujarati and Hindi too. The volumes being in Gujarati never attracted much attention. Such is our disregard of our own languages. But I have known nothing so through of its kind as these volumes.
Professor N. K. Bose's is such an attempt. He gave me his manuscript early in 1946 when I was in Bengal to do with it what I liked. But my preoccupations left me no time to look at them till for very shame. I was compelled to do so. The selections made by the author show the thoroughness with which he had gone into his subject. Those who are interested in my writings will not fail to appreciate the author's labours.
M. K. Gandhi
Noakhali, 30-1-47