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Lok Sevak Sangh
[On 29th January, 1948, a day before he passed away, Gandhiji had drafted a constitution for the Lok Sevak Sangh, or association of servants of the people, into which he wanted the Indian National Con­gress to dissolve itself, and he drew up the following among qualifica­tions for those who would be its members:]
  1. Every worker shall be a habitual wearer of Khadi made from self-spun yarn or certified by the A-I.S.A. and must be a teetotaller. If a Hindu, he must have abjured untouchability in any shape or form in his own person or in his family, and must be a be­liever in the ideal of inter-communal unity, equal respect and regard for all religions, and equality of opportunity and status for all irrespective of race, creed or sex.
  2. He shall come in personal contact with every villager within his jurisdiction.
  3. He shall enrol and train workers from amongst the villagers and keep a register of all these.
  4. He shall keep a record of his work from day to day.
  5. He shall organize the villages so as to make them self-contained and self-supporting through their agriculture and handicrafts.
  6. He shall educate the village folk in sanitation and hygiene and take all measures for prevention of ill health and disease among them.
  7. He shall organize the education of the village folk from birth to death along the lines of Nai Talim, in accordance with the policy laid down by the Hindus­tani Talimi Sangh.
Harijan, 15-2-1948