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'Jago MBA Jago' SIBM, Bhopal
20 - 21 December 2013
Gandhi MBA Project

SCOPE Institute of Business Management (SIBM) has very timely understood that MBA education in India needs to be revisited. There is need to awaken MBAs. Industry says on the face of these MBAs - ‘We don’t want MBAs... We need Managers’. Unfortunately we (MBA colleges) are failing in our core responsibility in truing out ‘managers’ and we are turning out MBAs who do not match the industry and society requirements. It is widely accepted problem. However, this problem has nothing to do with the given students, nor the curriculum nor the industry but the PEDAGOGY that is used itself - the way how these MBAs are made to LEARN. Many things have changed including Generation Y, smart technologies, global outlook but it is sad that pedagogy is still the same age old. There is serious introspection that is needed in suitably changing the pedagogy so that managers are turned out of the MBA academic portals.
With a view to address this issue, SCOPE Institute of Business Management (SIBM) Bhopal has launched a two-day unique learning experience - ‘Jago MBA Jago’ developed on action learning principles. Action learning insists the principles that 1. learning is complete only when what is learned is practiced and what is practiced leads to generation of an economic value. Jago MBA Jago event was conducted on December 20th & 21st, 2013 to mark SIBM fifth year of existence in management education.
At the behest of Dr Swati Tiwari(Head - SIBM) the SCOPE Management has extended full cooperation in hosting Jago MBA Jago. This program is mentored by Mandi fame - Dr. Prasad, and Dr Ankush Sharma, two management professors from Mumbai.
Some unique features of the program include:
During this event students were made to understand the importance of “Learning by doing” and ‘Learning by earning’ - which have their roots in Gandhian philosophy of education - Nai Taalim.
Action by the students in action learning is designed as campaigning of autobiography copies of Mahatma Gandhi ‘My Experiments with Truth’ on the streets of Bhopal for one full day. MBA students made use of this mandi field action to learn and develop several managerial skills - Communication skills, Personality development, Ethical values, Strategy thinking and implementation, Market opportunities, Customer behavior understanding, Market Research, Quantitative Methods, sales skills, managerial economics, market and opportunities etc. among students. Students in addition to learning of management subjects also learned Gandhiji and his teaching whole engaged in this action.
Students participated in this event with full enthusiasm. Some of them performed ‘Nukkad Natak’ (street play) in Bhoapl Mandi. Some made heart touching Parodies and some took out processions as a tool for attracting and convincing Bhopal people.
By campaigning Gandhi books students’ popularized Gandhian values and also gained a lot such as...

  1. They become better than they were earlier
  2. Students get PAISAE due to campaigning Gandhi which is essential and desired featured of productive learning.
  3. Students got hands-on experience of marketing
  4. Finally they learn about Gandhi.. Purpose of Jago MBA @ SCOPE has set these objectives as the primary things in designing this program.
The event was purely non political, and non commercial exercise with the sole motto of learning by doing and earning. Gandhi Bhawan Trust - Bhopal supported the event and provided to the students necessary copies of Gandhi autobiography copies for campaign.
Two corporate viz., Lifestyle and Chevorlet also supported the event by offering internships to the top student performers in the event.
We believe that Jago MBA Jago program has and will continue to provide necessary impetus in awakening academics all across the country.