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Record-breaking over 49 lakh hits on Gandhi website during Gandhi Jayanti week
record-breaking hits on Mahatma Gandhi Website
This Gandhi Jayanti, one spot Mahatma Gandhi information website got record-breaking 49 lakh hits from all over the world.
The website generally visited by about 9,500 people every day. On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, lakhs of curious people from about 200 countries of the world visited the website to know about life & works of Mahatma Gandhi. About 56,702 people on October 1 and 73,256 people on October 2 visits the website. During Gandhi Jayanti, from 27th September to 3rd October, the website got 49,78, 237 hits across the globe which is a record for itself.
The highest number of visitors to the website were from India, followed by US, China, Japan, several Islamic countries and so on. Many of the eBooks on and by Gandhi, offered by the website, were downloaded thousands of times. The site has the largest e-Library on the life, work and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi. This comprehensive website is maintained jointly by Gandhian organizations, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, Mumbai and Gandhi Research Foundation, Jalgaon.
The website, which is in existence for the last 15 years, is updated every day. The site has 50,000 pages of Collected works of Mahatma Gandhi in 100 Volumes, six different biographies, varying from 100 to 3,000 pages; material related to philosophy, peace, non-violence, Gandhi centres, museums and resource persons all over the world, over 100 Gandhi e-books for free download, free Online Gandhi books, 500 photos, videos, about 1.5 lakh pages of Gandhi’s writings etc.
To make referencing easy, over 800 articles on or by Mahatma Gandhi have been categorised according to topics like Relevance of Gandhi, Peace, Non-Violence, Women, Environment, Education, Politics, Gandhi and Management etc.
As such, it is a one spot comprehensive website for information related to Mahatma Gandhi useful to Researchers, Scholars, Activists, Students and anybody interested in thoughts and works by or about Mahatma Gandhi.
Nearly 9,000 persons have subscribed to the site’s Gandhiji’s ‘Thought for the Day’, which is delivered to their email inbox every day.
The website is also linked to social media like blog, Facebook, Twitter and the like, and gets good response on these pages too.
Links to other sites related to Gandhiji and Vinoba Bhave and to sites dedicated to peace and non-violence have also been provided on this website.
The feedback from the visitors to the site speaks volumes about the utility of the site.
Here is some of the feedback:
  • Words can't explain the noble service this site is doing for the mankind both present and the future, this site is a treasure trove to learn and imbibe "Mahatma Gandhi's teachings. Many Many thanks and god bless  all the people who are doing this painstakingly great work in this website, Would love to be a part of this through selfless service of any kind.
    - Amit Hatwar, India
  • This is one of the noblest acts that you are doing, to keep Gandhiji alive in people's heart. I am thankful to you for making available books that have been instrumental in some of the great deeds in the world. Thank you all those who has endeavored to maintain this website. Keep it up.
    - Mitul Panchal, India
  • Several months ago, I searched the Internet for material on and by Gandhi. Then I found your website. I was excited to see the site. I often surf on your site and download a lot of Gandhi books from it. Now I read them every day and those books have helped change my life a lot. You have givenme an opportunity to know about Gandhi and his pathway to god. Your work is very important for us Chinese, because in China, there are few books and messages about Gandhi. I think in China, lot of men need his thoughts. I want to thank you for your website work.
    - Kangbingqin, China
  • I am doing my level best to circulate this web to all, through all the channels at my disposal. I am an 86 year old retired psychiatrist, trying to resolve many difficult problems through psychoanalytical way, but Gandhian philosophy has the answer.
    - Dinkar Rai, USA