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Portable Gandhi Photo Exhibition
Hiroshima Day Peace Rally

The meaning of Gandhi's life is inexhaustible. He was a unique leader. His uniqueness sprang from his compassion for human being and his ceaseless striving for Truth. Success or failure as we understand it has little significance for him in this striving.

The story of this great man needs to be told, especially to our younger generation, in countless ways. National Gandhi Museum has published 'PORTABLE GANDHI PHOTO EXHIBITION' (a Set of 100 posters) which contains, English-Hindi blingual description of Gandhi's life along with a photograph to exhibit the Mahatma's life in shools, colleges, institutions and social service centers.

Here is in a few short, vivid sentences, the unique story of Mahatma Gandhi who gave the world the great message of Truth and Nonviolence. This message was embodied in his life, first as a part of the inspiration he received from the ethical and religious background of his parents ad his immediate surroundings and later as a conscious effort to seek Truth and make it the guiding principle of his service to humanity. He discovered nonviolence in his pursuit of Truth. This nonviolence was the unique weapon he employed in winning the freedom of India. He also employed it for creating a new social order based on freedom, justice, equality and co-operation.

Poster Size - 18 x 24 inches, multi colour printing with lamination.

No. of posters - 100

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