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Over one lakh visit Gandhi website on Gandhi birth anniversary

Narayan Desai
More than one lakh people across the world visited the website around Gandhi Birth Anniversary on October 2. This comprehensive one spot Gandhi information website is maintained jointly by Gandhian organizations, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, Mumbai and Gandhi Research Foundation, Jalgaon.
The website received 41,677 visits on October 1 and 62,522 visits on October 2. Overall, between October 1 and 3, the site had 1,01,098 unique visitors.
While 70% of the visitors were from India, about 10% were from United States, and among the rest 10% of the visitors were from several Islamic countries such as Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
Many of the books about Gandhi, offered by the website, were downloaded thousands of times, the website statistics reveal. Some of the top e-books downloaded were those about Gandhi and communal problems, downloaded 4,573 times in the two days, while books on Gandhi and his relevance were downloaded 2,126 times.
“Gandhi's values apply to every aspect of life, from politics to economics. Across the world, people are fighting corruption, violence and terrorism, and they may be realizing that the solution to all this is Gandhi's philosophy of peace and non-violence," said TRK Somaiya, trustee of the organization.
“Also, after the United Nations declared October 2 as the International Day of Non-violence, people across the world organize programmes on that day, and visit the site for information," he
Going Strong
The website, was started in 1998, and includes one lakh pages comprising 60 online Gandhi books, 87 e-books, about 600 articles and more than 200 photos.
Peace activist Jatin Desai said "Gandhi's teachings are relevant today as people are looking to bring about a change in a non-violent way. “Recently, even Pakistani education activist Malala Yousafzai invoked Gandhi in her speech at the United Nations," he said.
Hindustan Times, dt. 17.10.2013