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Mahatma Gandhi inspires my music : Cesar Lopez, Well-known Musician

Columbian rock musician Cesar Lopez says he is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's ideologies and spreads the message of non-violence through his gun-guitar, a six-string guitar made of of AK-47.

Lopez, 33, who was on his maiden visit to India to attend the Delhi International Arts Festival, feels music has the power to bind the world together.

"I compose songs talking about the severe issues of my country and my aim is to combat terrorism through the means of art and music. Since my childhood, I have followed Mahatma Gandhi and his struggle of freedom through non-violence," Cesar told PTI.

"Through our music we remind people how Mahatma Gandhi always followed the path of non-violence. Each year we celebrate Gandhi's birthday," he said.

Cesar, who is also a United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime messenger of non-violence in his country, visited the Gandhi museum to donate his gun-guitar as a tribute to Mahatma.

"This AK-47 can kill 300 people at a time and now I am composing music through it that will heal the pain of the people. So far, I have presented my guitar in 17 nations and presenting it to one of my favourite leaders was a major event in my life," he added.