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Gwyneth Paltrow, the Hollywood actress walks the Gandhian Path
A life of fulfillment

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow is a familiar name to those watching Hollywood movies.
This Hollywood actress is an Academy Award winner. Her affectionate husband is a rock star. She has been blessed with a girl named “Apple’’. The actor is a celebrity in New York and London.
Once, Gwyneth Paltrow called an intern journalist of a magazine for an interview at home. She herself made tea for him and served it to the journalist. There were no biscuits, cookies or pastry to go with the tea.
She said, “Since I do not eat junk food, I do not keep it at home, if you need something more, let me serve you some juice.”
She told the journalist, “God is kind and generous. He has given me everything. Name, fame, wealth and a treasure in the form of a child. My husband is teaching Piano to my fifteen months old daughter. I will now cook for him, and before we eat, we will go out for a walk. I have slogged for many years. I do not need more name and fame. Now onwards, I will work on only value based films. I want to enjoy life”.
In September 2005, Time magazine had published an article on Gwyneth Paltrow under the title, “The simple life”.  In the US, many celebrities are opting out of the rat race, chasing after status, wealth, fame and career. They opt to live a simple life
Paltrow says, “I will work for instilling values among the youth. They need to learn to wake up early, to go for a walk, learn to cook from childhood. They also must learn to be economical with words and money. I will use my famed status not to earn more money but in teaching the youth how to live a healthy life. I will try to be their role model.”
Article is translated from Gujarati magazine