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10th Global Youth Peace Festival (GYPF 2015)

10th Global Youth Peace Fest 2015
Delivering the Post-2015 Development Agenda for Youth
September 29 - October 02, 2015, Chandigarh, India
GYPF 2015 promotes nonviolence & youth leadership. Youth must have ways of seeing how to do nonviolence and how to live together in peace. How to end disputes through talking and communication, rather than killing. It's very moving. It moves the heart to see young people trying to end war and trying to live in peace together. "We dance, we sing, we play, we think & talk." - American Gandhi Bernie Meyer.
THEME: Volunteering for Peace-cities & Sustainable Habitats
Sub Themes
Youth Activism & Volunteering
Empower Women Empower the World
Sustainable Cities for People & Planet
Creating Disabled Friendly Cities
Spl. Initiatives: - 2nd SAARC Youth Leadership Summit & launch of a ‘Global Youth Peace Forum’.
Online registrations are open for next 10th Global Youth Peace Fest-GYPF 2015 at;
Twitter: @bridgegypf
Video's of IYPF 2014 - 9th International Youth Peace Fest
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10th Global Youth Peace Fest 2015