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Documentary on Mahatma's natural lifestyle, healing techniques
National Gandhi Museum
Fitness guru Mickey Mehta is launching a new film, with mantras culled from the lifestyle of Mahatma Gandhi, set for October 2 release this year.
"There is plenty of material on Mahatma Gandhi but not much is available about his contribution to wellness. Very little is known about that side of the man, so I thought I should do something about it," says Mehta.
The 52-year-old holistic health guru says he was smitten ever since he watched the multiple Academy award winning film "Gandhi" by Richard Attenborough during his college days.
"I was very impressed after watching that film and have looked up to him as an ideal person. I started researching for the film a year ago and first put together a document. I also spoke to many Gandhi scholars to validate the research," says Mehta.
The two-part 90 minute plus film titled "Gandhi- The Healer", says Mehta been has been shot across seven locations including Mumbai, Kerala, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Bangalore etc.
Supported by Aditya Birla and Bharat Parekh of the Eternal Gandhi Foundation, the documentary features interviews by renowned people such as Shyam Benegal as well as various yoga experts and other "authorities on Gandhi."
"Gandhiji was a great proponent of living by principles of nature. He used to say eat raw, eat small quantities, keep stomach clean. Looking at him it is amazing he possessed so much power and resilience," says Mehta.
"The new film puts emphasis on healing yourself through natural ways. I think Gandhiji was a hero. Stars fade out but the heroes are eternal and he is the hero of my film too," says the fitness guru.
Mahatma Gandhi, says Mehta practised calmness, observed fasts, led a vegetarian life and respected nature.
He was renowned for various naturopathic healing techniques using food and exercise.
The film once completed would also be shown at various national and international film festivals and places across the world, says the fitness guru.