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Gandhiji's autobiography to sell for a mere Rs 30 during his death anniversary week
Bella Jaisinghani, The Times of India

As the 67th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's martyrdom comes up January 30, a special sale next week will offer untold discounts on books based upon him. Bapu's autobiography 'The Story of My Experiments with Truth' will be available for as little as Rs 30, and his selected works of 2,500 pages come for Rs 75.
Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, which specialises in the sale of books on Gandhi, is organising the sale from January 27 to February 2 from 10.00am to 7.00pm. "We are setting up a counter near Flora Fountain and will also sell the books from our centre at Nana Chowk," said spokesman of Mandal. "Around 250 titles written by Bapu or about him as well as Vinoba Bhave will be available for a 50% discount."
'Selected Works of Mahatma Gandhi', comprising 2,500 pages, is priced at Rs 75. Babulnath Mandir Charities is shouldering part of the subsidy.
The special discount is available on only one copy of each title. People can visit our book centre or our counter at Flora Fountain, Hutatma Chowk to avail books at discounted rates.
Last year, Gandhi books worth Rs 5,52,000 were sold within six days.
Sarvodaya Mandal nurtures an abiding devotion for the Mahatma. Each time Bapu's anniversary comes up, it sells his books at half the cover price. The more the sale the greater its losses. Yet the activity continues undiminished since 22 years. "Our aim is to make more citizens conversant with Bapu's thoughts and ideals. His official publisher Navajivan Trust, who held the copyright to his books for 60 years, has sold over 52 lakh copies of his autobiography in 16 Indian languages. The price of its paperback version is still a mere Rs 60. Since the copyright lapsed, more private publishers have reproduced the title although they charge Rs 125-150. Overall, around one crore copies must have sold so far. There is no question that Bapu continues to be as inspiring and as relevant in today's times," says Shinde.
Interestingly, Sarvodaya has linked 'My Experiments with Truth' on its web site so people can download it for free, but the hard copies still fly off the shelves.