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Followers of Mahatma Gandhi from Across the Seven Seas
Visitors to the website on Mahatma Gandhi have the maximum hits from Americans
Mahatma Gandhi was the main architect of our freedom movement, yet leaving aside the school books, it is doubtful if the youth of our country are aware of his contributions. Instead what we see is that people from all over the world are more interested in Gandhi and his thinking and philosophy. This is evident from the visitors to the Gandhi website, maintained by Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal and Gandhi Research Foundation.
total-visitors-of-Gandhi-website The website has uploaded all material on the Mahatma and more and more information is being uploaded each day. The site is a virtual treasure trove of Gandhi literature for researchers, social workers, students and others interested in finding out more about Gandhi. It has Gandhiji's writings, his speeches, his books, books written on him, his biography, and more, that is why there are visitors to this site every second from India as well as from all over the world. About 8,000 people from about 200 countries of the world like USA, UK, China, Pakistan, UAE etc. visits the website everyday and 'Thought For The Day' (Gandhi's quotes) were sent daily to about one lac people by email, yahoo groups, facebook, twitter and whatsapp.
In the month of May 2016, the site received the maximum visitors from America - 1,78,011 to be precise. The second highest visitors were from India - 1,52,219; then comes Great Britain with 7,701; from Germany 5,649; and 5,000 from Spain.
The site recorded 1,93,968 visitors from India in  the month of June, followed by America with 1,80,115 visitors. There were 9,254 visitors from Germany; 5,874 from Great Britain; and 4,384 from China.
The treasure trove of literature on Mahatma Gandhi at the website , is receiving excellent response. 295 and 297 books were downloaded from this site in the month of May and June 2016 respectively. The list was topped by Gandhi's My Experiments with Truth, followed by Essence of Hinduism, Hind Swaraj, Gandhi Relevance, Story of My Life, Mind of Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhiji on Khadi, Gandhi Biography for Beginners among others.
Article is translated from Marathi, published in Lokmat, dt. 10.07.2016