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CURRENT NEWS / NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS > About 1,983 students gathered and took the pledge to work for nuclear-free world on 6th August - Hiroshima Day
About 1,983 students gathered and took the pledge to work for Peace & Nuclear-free World

Hiroshima Day Peace Rally
Commemorating 69th anniversary of atomic bombing on Hiroshima
Students, graphically depicting the horror of the atom bomb, along with about 1,983 NSS Volunteers of SNDT University and University of Mumbai, social activists and peace-loving citizens in the city marched for peace and a nuclear-free world from Azad Maidan to Hutatma Chowk on 6th August, Hiroshima Day.
The Peace march was jointly organized by Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal and NSS Units of SNDT & Mumbai University to mark the 69th anniversary of the devastation of Hiroshima & Nagasaki with a deadly atomic attack by America during World War II & to join hands with millions of people of the world in their prayers to make a nuclear-free world.
The devastation had such an effect that one lakh sixty thousand people were killed in the bombing leaving several thousand crippled. The after effects of the bombing and radiation claimed over three lakh lives over the years.
The Peace Rally was lead by students, graphically depicting the horror of the atom bomb and carrying a huge banner depicting slogans like ‘NO MORE HIROSHIMA’ and ‘We want to grow, not to blow up.’ NSS Volunteers from various colleges were also carrying placards and banners depicting slogans like ‘NO-BOMB, YES-PEACE’, and “SAVE MOTHER EARTH”.
The Peace rally started from Azad Maidan and concluded at Hutatma Chowk, where a Pledge was taken by about 1,985 students to work for peace & a nuclear-free world. Shri. Bidve, NSS Co-ordinator, University of Mumbai administrated the Pledge to the entire gathering.

Peace Rally 2014 Peace Rally
Students carrying placards for peace and nuclear-free world.

Pledge taken in Peace Rally
Pledge to work for peace and non-violence was taken by the entire gathering at the end of the rally