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GANDHI'S LETTERS TO AMERICANS > Message to World Fellowship of faiths, 1933
Messages To World Fellowship Of Faiths, 1933
[Gandhiji sent two messages to the International Convention of the World Fellowship of Faiths, held in Chicago and New York, in 1933-34. The first was a letter of July 3, 1933, in reply to a letter from the Reverend Jabez T. Sunderland.27]
What message can I send through the pen if I am not sending any through the life I am living? Let me for the present try to live the life as it may please God. When He wants me to send a written message He will tell me.
[The second was a cable on August 27, 1933, in reply to an invitation by Bishop Francis J. McConnell.28]
Fellowship of Faiths attainable only by mutual respect in action for faiths.