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Message To World Fellowship Council, September 14, 1929
Camp Agra
September 14, 1929
Dear friend,
I have your letter. My message to the Christians would be to cultivate humility instead of arrogating to themselves the exclusive possession of absolute truth.
The only way I know of bringing about better understanding between different peoples is to treat all as of ourselves.
Yours sincerely,
Allen Melton, Esq.
World Fellowship Council
Dallas, Texas

[This message was sent in response to a request by Allen Melton, President of the World Fellowship Council, Dallas, Texas, for publication in a collection of sermons of great ministers from various countries. Mr. Melton said, in a letter of July 30, 1929, that he was being asked, though not a Christian, because he followed Christ. He asked for a "heart-felt message to the people who call themselves Christians," and to offer "suggestions to bring about a better understanding between people of foreign birth and those who are natives."11]