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GANDHI'S LETTERS TO AMERICANS > Message to Americans, February 11, 1926
Message To Americans, February 11, 1926
I can only repeat what I have been saying to so many American friends who have been calling on me, namely, what is required most is serious and careful study of the Indian movement. What I see happening in America is distressful, either an exaggerated view of the movement or a belittling of it. Both are like distortions. I regard the movement to be one of permanent interest and fraught with very important consequences. It therefore needs a diligent study, not a mere superficial newspaper glance. May your visit to America then result in the more accurate estimate of the movement in India.
[Gandhiji sent this message in response to a request from Mrs. Fisher, wife of Bishop Frederick B. Fisher, before their departure for the United States. For text of the letter, please see Section III.]