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Message To America, August 1945
[This message was sent to Congressman Emmanuel Celler of New York who had asked how "we in the United States can aid in hastening the attainment of India's independence." It was conveyed through D. F. Karaka, special correspondent of the Bombay Chronicle in New York.]
In spite of my disinclination to answer the question like the one put to me by Mr. Emanuel Celler, I feel that I shall be wanting in courtesy, if I do not meet Mr. Celler's wishes. The best way for America to assist India's struggle for independence is to study the question, so as not to be misled by the untruth that is being spread by British Agency at a great cost about India. Americans have to get out of the way of her struggle. For the rest, India has to fight her own battle of independence which she is trying to secure by a non-violent technique.