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Preface to the Fourth Edition
This book was published in 1962. The sale of the book received a great fillip when the Gujarat and the Saurashtra Universities prescribed the book as a text book for the paper on professional conduct, advocacy and drafting in the third L.L.B. examination. The second edition was published in 1975. It is a matter of great satisfaction that the third edition which was published in 1981 was sold out within two years. The year 1983 will above all be remembered as the year of the screening of the epic movie 'Gandhi'. The film despite certain historical and chronological inaccuracies revived memories of the greatest man of this century, received universal acclaim and recognition, was adjudged the best film of the year, won several international awards and Oscars, and made a deep and abiding impact on audiences at home and abroad. The film also revived public interest in the Gandhian literature and as a result several copies of this book were sold throughout the country as also abroad. While preparing the fourth edition, I came across some further useful material on the subject which has been referred to in the Introduction and incorporated in the book. I earnestly hope that the law students not only of Gujarat and Saurashtra but also of other Universities in the country will find the book useful and derive inspiration from it in the practice of their profession. As Gandhiji has rightly observed 'a true lawyer is one who places truth and service in the first place and the emoluments of the profession in the next place only.'
High Court
Sunit B. Kher
Bombay, March 19, 1984